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In re: Eagle Broadband, Inc., et al.


Case No. 07-80605, filed November 14, 2007.
Chapter 11.

In re: EAGLE BROADBAND, INC., et al.


This web page is a compilation of information from the web site of the court. For more information, see the Eagle.petrofsky.org home page.

This page could very well be out of date at the time you are reading it. For current docket information, please follow this link to the court web site:


Selected Rulings

Filed 2007-12-06: "MEMORANDUM OPINION" (6 pages) (docket #96)
Denies Eagle's applications to employ Bettison, Doyle, Apffel & Guarino, P.C. ("BDAG") as special corporate counsel. Jeff Adams, an attorney at BDAG, "failed to adequately disclose his service as corporate secretary of several of the Debtors". The court further notes that "Adams continues to fail to disclose information which might be considered adverse to his representation."
Filed 2007-12-13: "STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL AFFAIRS" (23 pages) (docket #116)
Discloses payments to Mark Goldowitz, attorney for Thomas Mould a/k/a Doe 5 a/k/a Benderanddundat. (This is not a court ruling, but I'm highlighting it here, for now, because it is the first bankruptcy document that mentions the Eagle v. Does case.) On page 3 of attachment 3(b) (page 4 of the PDF file), Eagle states that during the 90-day period prior to filing bankruptcy (i.e, August 16 to November 14), Eagle made a total of $35,073.72 in payments to Mould's attorney, with the last payment being made on September 21. Eagle states that its outstanding debt to Mould was thereby reduced to $0. This statement appears to conflict with the acknowledgement Mould filed in the Eagle v. Does case on October 9, which indicated that the $66,451.68 August 9, 2006 judgment was still only partially satisfied.


Here is the electronic Notice of Bankruptcy Case Filing, which shows the time of day that the filing was made (4:28 P.M.). On the same day, at 10:13 A.M., a Harris County constable had served a writ of garnishment on Amegy Bank, which was thereby "COMMANDED not to pay to [Eagle Broadband] any debt or to deliver to [it] any effects". For some other details of some of the events leading up to the bankruptcy, see the Cubley v. Eagle section on the eagle.petrofsky.org home page.


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